If you love stories, you’ve come to the right place.

I’m a writer of a lot of things, mainly young adult fiction, but you’re bound to find a little bit of everything in these pages. Storytelling is an art, a passion, and for me it’s like breathing. Breathing isn’t always easy—but you have to do it to stay alive. As the great writer C.S. Lewis taught us, traveling to other worlds tends to help us better live in our own.

Come, open a book, and breathe.

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The Reinhold Chronicles


When an erupting volcano drives the clan of Reinhold from their island home, Princess Arliss must fight class divisions and ancient evil in a newborn country.

The Reinhold Chronicles begins with The Fiery Arrow, a bold new medieval adventure novel for young adults.

The Realms BeyondA

The story continues as Arliss sets off on a daring quest across the seas to reclaim the lost treasures of Reinhold.

Denver and the Doolittle Raid


When America prepares a retaliatory attack on Japan after Pearl Harbor, a young Georgian airman is one of eighty men to conquer the impossible and bring hope in the midst of World War II.



She sits across the table from me, making a few swift scratching movements with a simple Sharpie pen. But somehow those tiny strokes become rivers—mountains—cities. A delicate curve becomes a cliff-lined shore. A three-dimensional city rises from the paper, its three tiers swirling upward. “So, I’m thinking I should do the city like this,” she …