Beginning another adventure…

Well, it seems that despite a busy schedule and the traditional flow of life, I’ve found some spare time. The autumn breeze seems to have gotten to my head and infected it with a crazy idea. But it is a good idea.

Today, I started writing my next book.

In truth, I really don’t have time. None at all, in fact! However, God is showing me that the things we “have time for” in life are not always the most important—it’s the things we make time for that matter. To me, writing is such a gift that, despite whatever I may have going on, it is definitely worth making time for.

How long will it take? Who can say. Writers and their works are mysterious. Even I have not figured them out yet…(chuckle)…all that matters is that I have begun. Begun that first step of an adventure that will thrill me and hopefully delight so many others.

Carpe diem,

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