The Fiery Arrow, and other matters

As many of you know, I’ve spent nearly the last year writing my next book, a medievalistic adventure entitled The Fiery Arrow. It’s an incredibly exciting, personal tale that’s been pressing on my heart for a long time, and I am totally looking forward to sharing it with you all next year (Lord willing)!

With The Fiery Arrow now in the editing phase and my next writing project looming nearer, I thought it a fitting time to fill everyone in on what I’m *really* up to. Nope, my next project isn’t the much-asked-for sequel to The Lighthouse Thief (I’m still waiting on good story ideas), nor is it another juvenile biography in the ilk of Denver and the Doolittle Raid. But it is a sequel.

That is correct, ladies and gents. The Fiery Arrow will, in fact, be the first of a trilogy of books collectively titled The Reinhold Chronicles. I can’t spill too many details at the moment, but expect plenty of Celtic/medievalish adventurousness with extra shots of archery, swordplay, and dancing. It’s uber exciting to be able to spill the series news and title at last! Especially since book #2 is waiting in the wings, just about to peek its head out… *sips tea innocuously*

(Also, a little note: I’m fazing out the old Tabbystone Press blog and replacing it with this one. All old posts have vacated their old lodgings and taken up residence here.)

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