The journey to publication

Well, it’s here. Publication year for The Fiery Arrow, first installment in The Reinhold Chronicles trilogy.

I’m aiming for an autumn release (to match the setting of the book)—so expect to see copies floating about sometime in October. Ten months seems like a long time, but I know for certain it will fly by what with editing, design, and all that lovely whatnot.

The creation part of the writing process comes pretty naturally to me, and it’s by far my favorite stage. Those golden moments when I whittle my fingers down by typing out that perfect story—what could be better?

That is, until I put my story aside for a while. Then I pick it up and edit.

Editing is half joy and half torture. There are, of course, those moments when you reread your own writing and think, “Wow, how did I write something this good?” However, those flashes typically precede a moment of sheer disgust: “What even is this? This sentence structure is unreadable! I should quit writing…”

Well, maybe not that drastic. But suffice it to say that editing is not my favorite step towards publication. In fact, I find publication in general a little draining, mainly because I enjoy the creative side of novel writing rather than the business side. In the end, though, it’s all worth it: not only having a quality copy of your book in hand, but in the hands of others.

Join me as I embark on this new adventure!


Research can be fun, right?

Oh, and speaking of adventures…I’ve got a special treat coming in the next few weeks. Could it—perhaps—be a story blurb for The Fiery Arrow?  *wink*  Subscribe to the blog to be notified when the surprise does come out!

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