The Lighthouse Thief Hardcover coming soon!

Anyone who’s followed my writing for the past few years knows that my book The Lighthouse Thief has been quite the journey—a long, bumpy learning curve packed with blessings and surprises. However, I finally released the much-improved second edition last year. And, in a post prior to the updated release, I hinted at a long-forthcoming hardcover edition.

I’m pleased to announce that plan is now an actuality.


Beautiful, right?

On February 20th, The Lighthouse Thief will be available in glorious hardcover edition with a dust jacket. As a matter of fact, you can already pre-order it from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Or you can contact me if you wish to purchase a signed copy!

I’ll admit, as much as I appreciate the bargain of paperbacks, I’m a sucker for hardcover books. They’re beautiful. And they last longer, too. (Yep, I totally did the whole  pet-the-book-and-sniff-it-too when the first hardcover of The Lighthouse Thief arrived this afternoon.)  As such, I’m releasing this for myself as much as for you diehard (pun not intended) hardcover fans out there.

Here’s a sneakeroo of the inside flap, featuring original art by Josiah Dooley:


Enjoy the story, and to God be the glory!

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