Want to win a free hardcover of The Lighthouse Thief?

Who wants a free book?

How about a hardcover one? More specifically, one of the very first hardcover editions of The Lighthouse Thief. In honor of the edition’s release, I’m hosting a Rafflecopter giveaway. There are several ways to earn entries—joining my mailing list, visiting my Facebook page, and more. One of the earning methods—sharing the giveaway—can be done once a day to earn you even more entries.


Due to some WordPress snafus, I can’t embed the raffle here. Click the link here (or use the tab on my Facebook page) to rack up your entries!

2 thoughts on “Want to win a free hardcover of The Lighthouse Thief?

  1. So I get the email from your blog, read the subject line, and go, “Well THAT is a very silly question…”
    🙂 Don’t particularly need yet another copy of the book, but I can give it away to introduce more readers to your work! Happy Easter to you and yours.

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