Free books, anyone?

I’m thick in the middle (or should I say, the beginning?) of writing book #3 in The Reinhold Chronicles. I love the story and its characters, but opening acts are always hardest for me to write. This one is no exception—and is perhaps more difficult due to the sheer number of things I have to balance. Also, I promise I won’t go on referring to these tales as #2 and #3 forever. They have titles—really good titles, if I may—so revealing them is going to be a big deal.

Oh wait, did someone mention free books? Right. The title of this article.

This weekend, I’m giving away both my books and my short story free on Amazon Kindle. Why? Because you readers are awesome and deserve free stuff. (No joke, this isn’t connected to any date or event or anything.)

The free books are…

The Lighthouse Thief

The Lighthouse Thief Kindle cover

Genre: Middle-Grade mystery

Length: 146 pages

Read if you like: Mysteries, lighthouses, history, cousins, clues, and summer.

Denver and the Doolittle Raid


Genre: Biography

Length: 106 pages

Read if you like: History, World War II, airplanes, and historical photos.

“Finding Viola”


Genre: Literary

Length: 17 pages

Read if you like: Music, mysteries, and drama.

I hope you enjoy the books. Please share and spread the goodies around!

And if you really enjoy them…I’d love a review to hear what you thought.

2 thoughts on “Free books, anyone?

  1. So glad you updated your little widget on how much you’ve written; I was curious 😉 . Have you tried (I have no idea how it works) to submit/tell email services like BookBub that your books are free? I get emails from them everyday telling me about free or discounted books, and it is usually a good mix of well known and indie publishers. That might help in spreading the word to more people. Just a thought. 🙂

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