Meet Arliss

The publication of my next book, The Fiery Arrow, is fast approaching, so it’s time to start building some anticipation. This is the first book in a trilogy of Celtic-Medieval adventure novels following a young princess of the clan of Reinhold. I’m eyeing a late November/early December release, which means one thing: we’re exactly three months out.

You now have my official permission to be excited.

As we get closer, I will be putting up weekly posts with hints, clues, and big reveals (including an eventual cover design).

For the month of September, I will be introducing you to a few of the book’s key characters. And who better to meet first than the protagonist?

(In case you missed it, I suggest you check out the story synopsis first!)



Arliss is the first princess of a newborn country—the land of Reinhold. When the clan of Reinhold is driven from their island home by a volcanic eruption, she finds herself growing up in the treacherous environment of the wild mainland.

Arliss takes to this environment like a natural. She’s loyal, curious, and headstrong, and longs to explore the parts of the land that everyone else ignores. This often puts her at odds with her father the king, as well as the lords of the city.

Speaking of the city…


It’s something like this one: a castle situated atop a hill. The country’s lone village is nestled along the lower two tiers of the village. Most view the tiers as a natural progression. The peasants live on the bottom tier with its open marketplace. Finer homes and craftsmen’s shops line the second tier. And the third tier holds only the castle. No one questions the arrangement of things.

Until Arliss comes of age and starts asking questions.

She starts challenging her people’s prejudices.

Ultimately, Arliss—innately skilled with bow and arrow—sets off on a journey that will change the clan of Reinhold forever.


4 thoughts on “Meet Arliss

  1. Well FINALLY! I’m glad I finally have permission to be excited. Because naturally I wouldn’t DREAM of being excited without permission. 😉

    So. Adventurous girl who questions everything and carries a bow and arrow, hmm? Sounds like my kinda gal!

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