Meet Ilayda

The series is called The Reinhold Chronicles.

The first book is entitled The Fiery Arrow.

And in just a few months, I’m going to be able to share it with you all. In this story, we find the Celtic clan of Reinhold living in simple dwellings on a volcanic island. But when that volcano erupts, the Reinholdians must flee to the wild, uninhabited mainland. Life is hard. And the social system that materializes is questionable. But not one dares question it.

No one, that is, except Princess Arliss.

But every princess—every protagonist—needs a sidekick. An assistant. A best friend.

Meet Arliss’s best friend: Ilayda.



At fifteen, Ilayda is younger than Arliss by a year—which gives her a little more excuse for all their escapades. That, and the fact that Ilayda isn’t technically royalty. Yes, she’s the daughter of Lord Adam, one of the city’s trio of assistant rulers, but Arliss is the princess. As such, things that Ilayda can sneak by with are blunders—royal blunders—for Arliss.

Ilayda’s family lives in the castle with the royal household. Her father Lord Adam, her mother Lady Elisabeth, and her brother Arden. Her favorite room in the (relatively small) castle is undoubtedly the library. While independent and opinionated, she tends to follow in Arliss’s shadow, doing whatever her friend does. So when Arliss proposes an adventure into the heart of Reinhold, Ilayda volunteers to tag along.

However, even the noblest of adventures can go astray. And when Arliss’s company begins to discover a darkness growing at the heart of the land, Ilayda must begin to make decisions of her own.


Just some simple white flowers, of no significance, I am sure…

(Come back next Friday for the last set of character introductions: the king and queen of Reinhold!)

5 thoughts on “Meet Ilayda

  1. I cannot believe that I forgot today was Friday, and on top of that forgot that Friday=blog post. Wow. You are definitely rubbing off on me. 😉
    White flowers, huh? I love flowers but am now not gonna be able to look at those the same way again until I figure out what they symbolize. And maybe not even after that.

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