Yes, I’m Back

Okay, okay, I realize I haven’t written here in almost six months. (Yikes.) My Facebook page has been pretty dry, too. I promise, it’s not because I don’t care. And it’s certainly not because I haven’t been doing anything worth blogging about.

The truth is, I’ve been too busy doing the things to actually write about them.

So here goes. Six months in one post. Gotta start somewhere.

*sips coffee*

Where did we leave off? Oh, right—I had just published The Fiery Arrow, which is the first book in my trilogy, The Reinhold Chronicles. It’s a pretty exciting book and I quite recommend checking it out here. And you really should check it out, because it’s pretty crucial if you plan to read book #2. And trust me, you’re going to want to read book #2.

Segue: I’m tired of referring to book #2 as book #2 and will forthwith refer to it as its actual name, because come on, you guys deserve to know. And the title is…

The Realms Beyond

Cue mysterious music.

The Realms Beyond has been taking up a good bit of my time recently, as it’s just endured a round from my ever-wonderful editor, Linda Yezak. I have a conflicted relationship with the editing process. On one hand, it’s fun to perfect your rough draft—to smooth out all the rough spots where your brain just vomited whatever onto the paper. (Okay, not the nicest analogy, but we all know it’s true sometimes.) I also find it fascinating to see someone interact with my work in a completely objective way. But on the other hand, it’s tough to pay someone to criticize you. It hurts. A lot, sometimes.

But the most exciting bit of writing news is that, after a whole stinking year of writing, I finally finished the rough draft of book #3. Alas, I can’t tell you the title yet, but I can tell you that it is—I think—the best of the series. Writing it was neither easy nor short, but I grew a lot while putting the story on paper. Or on laptop.

For now, I’m going to let book #3 sit and steep for a bit while I brew up ideas for my next novel (yes, I just used a coffee and a tea analogy in the same sentence). The Realms Beyond—time to grind through editing for (Lord willing) a November release.

And The Fiery Arrow? Go check it out. If it interests you, read it. And if you like it (or even if you do not), leave me a review. It means a lot.

P.S. With summer here and new books on the horizon, I feel energized, which means there will probably be a lot more consistent posts on here these next few weeks. Stuff about my writing, about my latest adventures (they’ve been grand), and maybe more of those posts I used to write about all the things I’m currently into.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Just a sneak peek of what I will be writing about in future posts

Until then,


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