The Worst Part of Writing a Book

I enjoy writing books, right? I mean why else would anyone devote years of their life (and thousands of words) to something they didn’t fundamentally enjoy? And let’s face it. Books are tough things to make and tougher to market. You take what’s in your heart, distill it into some white words on paper—or screen—and let your creation run wild. And people take their shots at what you’ve written.

But it’s worth it.

It’s fun.


If it sounds like I’m doing self-talk here, that’s because I am. Because I have reached the most dreaded stage of the book publication process. The part that makes me question why I wrote this thing. Whether I will ever write another one. The part that suddenly turns me into the world’s worst procrastinator.

What’s got me triggered, you ask? Editing?

Nah. Editing is fun. Easier, in fact, than the actual writing.

Cover design? Well, I’m not designing it myself, so it’s pretty stress-free. (Speaking of which, keep your eyes peeled for a cover reveal soon!) No, this is something else. Something far, far worse. This dreaded thing…


I hate it. Go ahead and laugh. But then try to write a blurb for your own book and your chuckles will fade out. I sit at my computer, hands hovering over the keys. Staring. Getting a headache from the glow. Chewing on ice. Type one word. Backspace. More ice. More staring.

*slams laptop shut in frustration*

You’d think, after five years of working on The Reinhold Chronicles, I’d be able to tell you what they’re about? But no. I simply cannot seem to sum up a book in one paragraph. Not without spoiling it. Not in a way that makes sense—and will sell the book. But I have to do it.

I’ve managed to come up with something for three books and a short story so far, so I suppose I’ll conjure something for The Realms Beyond. But it sure ain’t fun. Nor easy.


Proof that I can write a back cover blurb

Thankfully, the most important thing is not the blurb. It’s what people will see before the blurb. It’s the reason they click on/pick up your book in the first place. It’s what they judge the book by. Because, no matter how the cliche goes, people do it. I do it. You do it. And usually for good reason.

The cover.

Check back soon to see just what it looks like.

3 thoughts on “The Worst Part of Writing a Book

  1. You know what’s worse than writing the perfect back cover blurb for a book?

    Writing a blurb in a book review when the perfect blurb is already in use on the back cover. THAT’S when things really get tough. So go easy on yourself: it makes life easier on us reviewers. 😉

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    1. Yep, haha, that’s what I was about to say! I dread writing another back cover synopsis, so this time I’m thinking about letting my writer friend Sarah read the book and then write one as a reviewer. Figured it might give more of a “reader’s perspective,” like what you would tell your friends about a new TV series without giving away all the plot!

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