Cover Reveal

I promised it, didn’t I?

The Realms BeyondA.JPG

I really, really love this one. It’s stylistically similar to the first book yet totally unique. The cold color scheme matches perfectly with the book’s winter setting. One thing is clear: it’s going to be difficult for the third book’s cover to top this!

But you want more than just a cover, am I right?

Well, after spending a whole post ranting about how much I hate writing back-cover synopses, I sat down and did it. No, it wasn’t fun. But it’s one of those things you have to do at some point, and this gorgeous cover gave me a good impetus to get it over with. It’s not final. In fact, I’d appreciate hearing your thoughts on it!

So here you go.

The clan of Reinhold fled from the Isle of Light thirteen years ago.

Now—armed with her bow and determined to reclaim lost treasures—Princess Arliss wants to go back.

One year ago, a mysterious warlord named Thane upturned Arliss’s simple Celtic life when he attacked her kingdom. She fought back with a single fiery arrow. But now rumors of Thane’s return are surfacing—and he is not alone.

Amidst the danger of Thane and his burgundy-cloaked assassin—and against the will of her parents and her prospective boyfriend, Philip—Arliss determines to return to the Isle of Light and recover the historic treasures of Reinhold. But none of the clan of Reinhold has crossed the seas in generations. Little does Arliss know she will come face to face with Thane, the secrets across the sea—and her own strained relationship with Philip.

Enjoy the thrilling second chapter in The Reinhold Chronicles, a trilogy of medieval fantasy adventure novels for young adults.

Excuse me while I go hide and cringe at my attempt to summarize The Realms Beyond into a few paragraphs.



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