taking a break from the lowercase post title aesthetic I had going because TODAY IS THE RELEASE DAY FOR THE THREE THRONES AND I COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED AND YOU SHOULD BE EXCITED TOO.

Pardon me for yelling.

The Three Thrones - eBook

But it’s just a bit surreal. I can’t help but freak out a little. Seven years of daydreaming, outlining, writing, editing, and stressing that in the end, it might not actually happen, and here we are.

Fun fact about me: I hate being self-promotional. It actually makes me cringe inside and want to curl up in a corner and apologize to everyone and also never publish a book again, thank you. But if you’re here reading this, I’m going to go ahead and ask it: buy a book. Please.


  1. You’re supporting me in what I love.
  2. I promise these are good stories. There’s something in here for everyone.
  3. The first two books in the series are currently free on Kindle for the third book’s release. So you can read The Fiery Arrow and The Realms Beyond for free before you attempt the enormity of The Three Thrones.

*cringes, curls up in corner, apologizes, never publishes a book again*

Just kidding. I’m definitely not done writing books. I may or may not have another one in the queue as we speak.

So to everyone who’s been a part of these books, to everyone who has read these stories, thank you. Keep reading. Keep adventuring. If these stories meant something to you, share them with someone else. And share with me—I love hearing from people who have read The Reinhold Chronicles.

Because these stories—they’re a part of me, and always will be.

Map Reinhold

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