literature approved review: the fiery arrow

“You pay a price for friendship, because you get more than a person. You get their hurts and their histories, too.” -Philip, The Fiery Arrow

The Fiery Arrow is a tale of family, legends, mistakes, and faith. It’s a mixture of medieval clans and fantasy kingdoms; a book that has high stakes, ferocious battles, and fulfilled prophecies.

Rayleigh Gray (of Literature Approved) just wrote an incredibly kind review for The Fiery Arrow that I thought I’d share here. You can check out her amazing blog and the full review here.

(The Fiery Arrow is available for free download on Kindle.)


taking a break from the lowercase post title aesthetic I had going because TODAY IS THE RELEASE DAY FOR THE THREE THRONES AND I COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED AND YOU SHOULD BE EXCITED TOO.

Pardon me for yelling.

The Three Thrones - eBook

But it’s just a bit surreal. I can’t help but freak out a little. Seven years of daydreaming, outlining, writing, editing, and stressing that in the end, it might not actually happen, and here we are. Continue reading “THE THREE THRONES”

endings + beginnings

I’m not sure why I find the endings of stories so much more fascinating than the beginning.

It’s not the fact, or even the relief, of a story being complete. Not necessarily the satisfaction of tied-up subplots and well-rounded character arcs. Not the excitement of the climax (beginnings can be just as exciting).

But still, as I near the release of the final book of The Reinhold Chronicles, I find myself excited and a bit confused. I never anticipated how big these stories would grow when I first started forming them eight years ago (!). The Fiery Arrow was originally a standalone book. And although by the time I actually started writing it, I knew it would be the first of a trilogy, I had no clue what these adventures would really be like.

Now, looking back at it all, I’m slightly speechless. Continue reading “endings + beginnings”