Book Trailer for The Fiery Arrow!

If you’ve followed along on my Facebook page lately, you know that something has been brewing. Something called a book trailer. I decided to attempt an ambitious project: write, direct, film, and edit a trailer for my upcoming novel, The Fiery Arrow.

And yes, it’s here. I thought I might say a few things about it first, but you would probably rather watch it than read my ramblings.

And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen.

The Reinhold Chronicles: The Fiery Arrow releases December 10, in case you didn’t watch the trailer. In which case, go back and watch it.

Location Inspiration: The Fiery Arrow

The Fiery Arrow looms ever closer. The bow is now being drawn, so to speak. You’ve met the main cast—Arliss, Philip, Ilayda, Kenton & Elowyn. So what surprises do I have for you next?

Plenty. As the release date nears (currently I’m eyeing December 2nd), you’ll be the first to see the official cover and read the entirety of Chapter One. There’s even talk of a *possible* book trailer.

But for now, I thought you’d like to see some of the real-world locations that inspired the settings in The Fiery Arrow.

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