The Lighthouse Thief, 2.0

Last summer, I released my middle-grade mystery novel The Lighthouse Thief. I had finished it—poured myself into it—and truly wanted to be done and move on to bigger, better stories. Looking back, however, I realize there were many overlooked flaws with the book and its design—flaws that I can’t ignore any more. 

So that’s my mystery-surprise-project of late: a second edition of The Lighthouse Thief. The updated version will feature (most importantly) a new cover, but also an array of edits within the text itself. I truly want this project to reach its full potential both in terms of story and design. Continue reading “The Lighthouse Thief, 2.0”

Free Kindle books. Finding Viola’s wide release, and the title of my new book!

Lots of exciting news to post here:

First, you can get my book Denver and the Doolittle Raid for free on Amazon Kindle from today, July 2, through July 4. The Lighthouse Thief will be free on Kindle from July 3 through July 4. Enjoy the free deal, and don’t forget to let your friends know as well!

The other bit of news is that my new short story Finding Viola is now available from almost any eBook platform: Kindle, NOOK, iBooks, Kobo, Smashwords, and more! The story is $0.99 for all platforms.

The final bit of news [drum roll, please] is the reveal of my next book’s title. After eight months of writing, I’ve finally completed the first draft! And the title is… Continue reading “Free Kindle books. Finding Viola’s wide release, and the title of my new book!”