Location Inspiration: The Fiery Arrow

The Fiery Arrow looms ever closer. The bow is now being drawn, so to speak. You’ve met the main cast—Arliss, Philip, Ilayda, Kenton & Elowyn. So what surprises do I have for you next?

Plenty. As the release date nears (currently I’m eyeing December 2nd), you’ll be the first to see the official cover and read the entirety of Chapter One. There’s even talk of a *possible* book trailer.

But for now, I thought you’d like to see some of the real-world locations that inspired the settings in The Fiery Arrow.

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Meet Kenton and Elowyn

If you’ve been around this blog for the past month, you’ll know I’ve been introducing everyone to the main characters from my next book, The Fiery ArrowThis book is the first of a trilogy of medieval adventure novels.

And in case you haven’t been around this blog for the past month *gasp*, here’s the story synopsis.

A newborn medieval country. 

A bow-shooting princess with a prophesied destiny. 

A sword-wielding carpenter’s apprentice. 

Arliss, the sixteen-year-old princess of Reinhold, despises the class boundaries which plague her city on a hill. When her father the king forbids her friendship with the young peasant swordsman Philip, Arliss sets off on a quest to the heart of the land of Reinhold. Little does she know that she will discover an evil more threatening and ancient than she could imagine—and a prophecy that speaks of a fiery arrow.

So far, we’ve met:

  • Arliss, the adventurous archeress princess protagonist
  • Philip, the peasant swordsman carpenter’s apprentice
  • Ilayda, the impetuous semi-royal sidekick

This week, I’d like to introduce you to Arliss’s parents, the king and queen of Reinhold. King Kenton and Queen Elowyn.

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Meet Ilayda

The series is called The Reinhold Chronicles.

The first book is entitled The Fiery Arrow.

And in just a few months, I’m going to be able to share it with you all. In this story, we find the Celtic clan of Reinhold living in simple dwellings on a volcanic island. But when that volcano erupts, the Reinholdians must flee to the wild, uninhabited mainland. Life is hard. And the social system that materializes is questionable. But not one dares question it.

No one, that is, except Princess Arliss.

But every princess—every protagonist—needs a sidekick. An assistant. A best friend.

Meet Arliss’s best friend: Ilayda.

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Meet Philip

With the first book in my trilogy The Reinhold Chronicles approaching in just a few months, I’m getting more and more excited to share it with you all. The Fiery Arrow is an exciting adventure story with characters who have been a blast to write. And as you know if you saw last week’s post, I’m starting to introduce those characters to you.

Last week, we met Arliss, the adventurous princess protagonist.

This week, I’m introducing my male lead, who is quite a contrast to Arliss.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Philip.

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