As the independent author of five books, I’ve worked with multiple editors and I know how crucial the meshing of author and editor can be. Writers pour their lives and souls into their books, and you deserve someone to walk through that process who respects and understands that! The right editing partnership will shift your book closer to your actual imagination and vision—not the other way around.

Editing isn’t all criticism. There’s a lot of encouragement, too—a discovery of what works and what you’re good at, alongside all the highlights and strikethroughs. I can help you hone your writing to be even more punchy and concise, all while fleshing out your plot, characters, and dialogue. These stories are real to you. Let’s make them feel just as real to your readers.

Young Adult books are my favorite to read, write, and edit. I’m especially fond of anything historical, dystopian, or stories that dip their toes into the fantasy realm. (Better yet: stories that combine a couple of those.) I also love non-fiction: biography, memoir, etc.

I can do anything from a simple proofreading to a full copy edit.

Send me a request and I’ll get back to you with a quote if I’m available!