The Worst Part of Writing a Book

I enjoy writing books, right? I mean why else would anyone devote years of their life (and thousands of words) to something they didn’t fundamentally enjoy? And let’s face it. Books are tough things to make and tougher to market. You take what’s in your heart, distill it into some white words on paper—or screen—and let your creation run wild. And people take their shots at what you’ve written.

But it’s worth it.

It’s fun.

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Author Adventures

I promised a post about my recent adventures, didn’t I? Here it is. Prepare yourself for a completely non-writing-related post (gasp).

Well, I say that, but everything comes back to writing with me, doesn’t it?

Correct. Everything does. And, while I didn’t do any writing on these adventures, I did sneak in some editing here and there. But this post has more to do with mountains and lattes and geysers than anything else.

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Yes, I’m Back

Okay, okay, I realize I haven’t written here in almost six months. (Yikes.) My Facebook page has been pretty dry, too. I promise, it’s not because I don’t care. And it’s certainly not because I haven’t been doing anything worth blogging about.

The truth is, I’ve been too busy doing the things to actually write about them.

So here goes. Six months in one post. Gotta start somewhere.

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