Free books, anyone?

I’m thick in the middle (or should I say, the beginning?) of writing book #3 in The Reinhold Chronicles. I love the story and its characters, but opening acts are always hardest for me to write. This one is no exception—and is perhaps more difficult due to the sheer number of things I have to balance. Also, I promise I won’t go on referring to these tales as #2 and #3 forever. They have titles—really good titles, if I may—so revealing them is going to be a big deal.

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Want to win a free hardcover of The Lighthouse Thief?

Who wants a free book?

How about a hardcover one? More specifically, one of the very first hardcover editions of The Lighthouse Thief. In honor of the edition’s release, I’m hosting a Rafflecopter giveaway. There are several ways to earn entries—joining my mailing list, visiting my Facebook page, and more. One of the earning methods—sharing the giveaway—can be done once a day to earn you even more entries.


Due to some WordPress snafus, I can’t embed the raffle here. Click the link here (or use the tab on my Facebook page) to rack up your entries!