Writing update: The Reinhold Chronicles

As of this morning, I think I pretty much nailed the First Plot Point of the second book in my upcoming medieval trilogy The Reinhold Chronicles. (For any non-writers, that’s just the big scene that comes at the 25% mark of your book—the scene which officially plunges your character in the story to the point that they can’t turn back.) This particular book has sped by me at an incredible rate, and I’ve been writing much faster than I usually do. In fact, I’ve finished the first quarter of the book in just 30 days.  Continue reading “Writing update: The Reinhold Chronicles”

The Fiery Arrow, and other matters

As many of you know, I’ve spent nearly the last year writing my next book, a medievalistic adventure entitled The Fiery Arrow. It’s an incredibly exciting, personal tale that’s been pressing on my heart for a long time, and I am totally looking forward to sharing it with you all next year (Lord willing)!

With The Fiery Arrow now in the editing phase and my next writing project looming nearer, I thought it a fitting time to fill everyone in on what I’m *really* up to. Continue reading “The Fiery Arrow, and other matters”